Surviving A Breakup

Surviving A Breakup

Wanna know the trick to Surviving A Breakup? Sorry, I know you wanted some secret that would help you get over the unbelievable pain you’re feeling. The truth is that even though it’s hard for you to see right now, you can have happiness and even love someone else again……Read On

Surviving A Breakup

When you’re in the middle of the pain it seems impossible that you will ever find someone else, you don’t believe that there is anyone else out there that can make you as happy, or who you can love as deeply as your ex. But there is. I’m not saying that you will love them in exactly the same way as you loved your ex, I’m just saying that you can love them as deeply as you loved your ex. But it will take time for you to get to that point.

While you’re waiting for your pain to diminish and the wounds to heal, there are many things that you can do that will help distract you, if even just a little bit, from everything you’re feeling. What you choose as a distraction will not only have an impact on how quickly you move on but will also impact the person you become after surviving a breakup.

This is not the time to make rash, quick decisions. Those decisions will be based on your pain. Not Good.

Take this time to explore new options. It doesn’t have to be some big life altering change, maybe something as simple as a new hair style. Of course, it can be something big like learning a new skill, going back to school, getting a new job, getting in shape, visiting another country, etc. The point is that you might as well use this time while you are healing after surviving a breakup to accomplish something that will help you move forward in your life.

Do not make the mistake of wallowing in your grief and feeling sorry for yourself (a little of this is ok, especially at the beginning, but ultimately you need to allow yourself the ability to get stronger). This is not the time to find ‘quick fixes’ for your pain such as eating or drinking too much or finding other people to hook up with (rebound relationships). Doing these things will act like an anchor and hold you fast to the place you are right now… filled with pain and regret. Additionally, these things won’t help you heal the scars so that you can be a whole person for that new person in your life, whenever that new person arrives. That is not the place you want to stay, you need to move forward.

Surviving a breakup is something we all need to face at one time or another, and there is no easy way around it. When you lose someone you love it hurts… a lot. The trick is to try to find positive things that will keep your mind occupied while you are healing. You won’t totally forget about your pain, but you may be able to push the worst of it down once in a while and give yourself a much needed rest from your pain.

Surviving A Breakup

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