Is Soy Bad for Men?

Is Soy Bad for Men?

Soy Bad For Men

People have turned to eating healthier foods in the past few decades. The problem is the majority of them have no idea what they are actually taking in on a daily basis.Take soy for example. The annual U.S. consumer attitude surveys conducted by the United Soybean Board reported that 77 percent of those polled in 2014 perceived soy as healthy, with 50 percent of people between the ages of 18 to 34 consuming soy foods and drinks at least once a week. Bearing in mind that 59 percent of the U.S. population believed soy was healthy in 1993. Then it becomes pretty obvious that Americans, in general, are looking for ways to improve their diet. But recent research revealed soy bad for men.

Healthy or Not?

Soybean oil and soy protein are excessively used in all sorts of processed foods so we’ve got a problem. This means either that people are consuming significant amounts of soy without being aware of it. Or they actually want to incorporate it in their diet, believing that it is a superfood. The question then is why are people so convinced that soy is healthy?

Many men have, without a doubt, been persuaded into believing that soy is good for them. They haven’t the faintest idea why they should welcome these Eastern Asian legumes into their lives. They have probably heard about research that has indicated that tofu has the almost magical ability to extend lives and keep our hearts safe. Numerous studies have corroborated the idea that soy protein might lower the risk of prostate cancer, and most men have surely believed these powerful claims.

The Bad News

Soy can actually do men more harm than good, as consuming its protein also disrupts hormones. Soy protein contains genistein and daidzein. Natural drugs that are so similar to estrogen that have the power to alter hormone-dependent features. In simple English this means they can cause man boobs (gynecomastia), making soy bad for men.

Additionally, a 2008 Harvard study published in the journal Human Reproduction showed that there’s a strong connection between eating soy-based foods and decreased sperm counts. The study, led by Jorge E. Chavarro, M.D., Sc.D., and his co-workers concluded that more research needed to be done before they could urge men to avoid soy milk completely in order to boost fertility. If low sperm count was not troublesome enough, two other scientific papers found out that at least one soy component can lead to erectile dysfunction in animals. Meaning the same could be true for men, making soy bad for men.

So please remember, just because something sounds good and everybody’s doing it….research it anyway.

Soy and Men’s Health

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