Don’t Self Help Me

Don’t Self Help Me

Get up right now and count how many Self-Help books you have sitting on your bookshelves. Why exactly do you have all of those books in your home? Is it because you feel like you need to be a better person or has someone said that you should spend a lot of money reading what other people think will help you, even though they don’t actually know who you are. See, there is a difference between self-help books and helping yourself to be a better person and live a happier life. The main difference is that you won’t spend thousands of dollars on books for that last part.

Don’t Self Help Me

Self-help books have been around for decades and have made quite a lot of people very rich because of it. Has it been able to help some people? Sure, it probably has, but if self-help books were able to help everyone be better people, then why are there so many self-help books out there? You would think that you would need to purchase one self-help book and that would be it. Well the answer to you living a better life isn’t going to be found in some self-help book that you just dropped $29.95 for.

Don’t Self Help Me

If you really want to help yourself to a better life, then the first thing you are going to need to do is get off your butt and do something. Reading a self-help book is great for entertainment, relaxation, and gathering knowledge, but unless you are using a self-help book to smack yourself in the head to get up and actually change your life, they are useless. Save your money and focus on the things you need to do to make yourself happier. Wow, that was pretty simple, and you didn’t have to drop a load of cash on a self-help book just to read about it.

If your job is making you stressed and you can’t sleep at night, then find another job. What, there aren’t any jobs out there because of the economy is crashing and you don’t want to flip burgers? So, start your own business and get over it. You have talents that you can use so why not put those talents and passions to work for yourself? Remember when you were a child and you had big dreams about what you were going to do when you grew up? What happened to those dreams, and why aren’t you doing what you wanted to do back then?

Life is about the experiences you have. So, if all of your experiences are bad, then your life is pretty much in the crapper from there on out. Find the things you love in life and go after them. Put the passion you have in your heart to work for you and change your life around so that you can finally be happy. If an obstacle appears before you, dig your feet in and move that obstacle out of your way. You don’t have to sit back and accept the life you have. Get up and change it to the one you want instead.

Focus on developing yourself in four primary areas: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Develop a commitment to become the person you were created to be and who you know you can be. Do everything you can do to become that person and do it with all your might. Visualize that person every day. If you can “see” it and “believe” it then you can “achieve” it. The person you see yourself becoming, begin to think like that person, begin to speak like that person, begin to act like that person and very soon you’ll actually BECOME that person. And you don’t need a self-help book that!

So please……Don’t Self Help Me!!!!

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