Our Current Relationship Crisis

Relationship Crisis

I write as a single person who’s been a bachelor all of his life. I had all the freedom that I wanted, but was mostly on my own and sometimes lead a insultingly bizarre and nervous life. Now-a-days, at the age of 62, I sometimes ask myself – “why didn’t I ever find myself a partner?” “Why did I never get married?” Why did I experience relationship crisis after relationship crisis.

The answer is quite complex. First of all, I was molested by a teenage female while still in kindergarten and it probably turned me off for the rest of my life.

I never wanted to be a parent

Secondly, I never wanted to be a parent. I realized at a very young age – (from my mother’s relationship crisis) – that it was and is, very difficult to bring up children. In general, all that the physical world can promise a is an appointment with the grave. Later on I realized that if you bring up children the Lord’s way, then you can promise them eternal happiness after they die.

My third relationship crisis developed as a teenage university student. A fellow female student once showed me a picture of a baby being born and the child was deformed. And it turned me off.

Also, as a teenager I was bullied and got beat up alot and it made relating to other people very strenuous. When I left school, I was fortunate enough to have the perfect athletic build and I had a lot of female friends. Single people have to play the “singles game” of finding a partner. Unfortunately, I experienced some bizarre and degrading incidents. I suffered…….’Relationship Crisis’.

Why People Never Marry

At the end of the day, I take some comfort in what the Bible says about single people. The scriptures give three reasons as to why people never marry. Some people have a partner but the relationship breaks up. Some people desire a partner but can’t find one. Other people are just born that way – i.e. just born to be happy on their own. The last scenario describes me – a happy go lucky person who just enjoys his freedom.


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