Are You Really In Love?

Are You Really In Love?

So many couples imagine themselves in love with each other when all it really comes down to is that they’re physically attracted to each other. They are really IN LUST instead of REALLY IN LOVE.

There are too many of these same couples that decide to walk down the aisle and make things legal when they really don’t even know each other at all. If you think you’re ready to commit to one certain person forever after, ask yourself this very important question: Would you still love this person if something terrible happened and you could no longer make love? Your answer to this question will tell you a lot.

Are You Really In Love?

First of all, be brutally honest with your answer. Do you and your partner have enough things in common that you would still be able to maintain a meaningful relationship even without sex? The actor Christopher Reeve comes to mind. He became a quadriplegic after being thrown from a horse in May of 1995, just 3 years after his marriage to singer and actress, Dana Morosini. They were very much in love and had a son together.

When Christopher had his accident and the direness of his situation was explained to him, he thought he should just be left to die. Dana, however, told him that she would support him in whatever he wanted to do because it was his life. She just wanted him to know that she was in it for the long haul, that he was still him and she loved him. It was with her support that Christopher was able to lead an active life even though he was forever wheelchair bound until his death in late 2004.

Now, no one knows the more personal aspects of this couple’s life together. What is known is that they were dealt a blow that would have destroyed the majority of couples. However, what Christopher and Dana Reeve shared was a true love that withstood the worst of situations. Dana followed him in death not even two years later. How many couples would have been able to stay together in love through this and have their marriage still thrive? Where there is no real love, it can’t happen.

How much do you have in common with your intended partner? Do you think you’re really in love? Do you enjoy talking about things? Do you both like the same movies, books, and music? When you must reach outside your physical connection, is there still anything exciting between the two of you? Your answers will give you a great deal of insight into what sort of relationship you have with the person you claim to love so much. If you have enough things in common and it’s as if your souls are connected, it won’t matter if you could ever have sex together again. Your love would still be strong because your relationship is one based on real love, respect and truly caring for each other.

This is a hard kind of relationship to find. If you have it, don’t ever let it go because you may not find one like it again!

Relationship and Dating Advice: Are You Really In Love?

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