What Is Real Love Today?

What Is Real Love Today?

What Is Real Love? With all the hate, violence, venom, and relationship dysfunction you got to wonder sometime….

If we are to ever grasp the power and true effect of real love, we must begin to embrace love as a LIFE-CHANGING experience. It is not possible to fully appreciate AGAPE (God’s Love) by some academic study or psychological standard. Agape love surpasses every human concept of love this world has ever known.

The TRUTH is that the greatest power in this universe is AGAPE LOVE. God’s love is unconditional. Conversely to what most Christian churches teach, God does not wait for us to repent or do anything BEFORE HE will demonstrate HIS love to us. There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop God from LOVING us. However, if a person does not want to be loved there is nothing anyone can do for them. To be loved we must open ourselves up to receive love, for we cannot receive love against our own will.

Many people find it difficult to receive love generally because they have been hurt by someone which causes them to put up walls to keep everyone else out. But, the unconditional AGAPE LOVE of God will ultimately cause the walls of emotional pain to crumble.


We have tried to define real love, but we have apparently not been very successful in doing so. In fact, REAL LOVE is probably the most MISUNDERSTOOD term in use today. Pick up just about any romance novel, watch a daytime soap opera, or glance at any of the reality shows where there are attempts being made to demonstrate REAL LOVE and you’ll witness total and complete disasters.

Young people today have very little appreciation of the true meaning of real love. And for our part we’ve provided them with that perspective because collectively we don’t understand the TRUE meaning of REAL LOVE. Love and sex are being deliberately and strategically confused by mass media and television. WHY?


Real love, genuine love, agape love is kind and doesn’t force itself on anyone, neither does it operate in pride. Real love is always humble and seeks to bless others and cannot be provoked to do evil. But the primary characteristic of Real Love is GIVING not GETTING.

Why do people get married? Because they have a need to be loved. But that is not turning out to be a very good prescription for marriage, because the relationship is based on GETTING and not GIVING. So marriages are breaking up because people are entering into the marriage relationship wanting to GET something instead of wanting to express something, which is REAL LOVE, which is GIVING.

“FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE”….one cannot love without GIVING!


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