Understanding Men: Know How Men Really Think


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The Experiment! What will a book be like, when the Relationship Coach James Kingsley(J), starts to discuss his Inside Knowledge about Men – with a confident, open-minded and witty woman?
Understanding Men -Your Loophole to the Males Mind!
Stefanie-Maria Rhoden (S) his assistant, becomes ‘Your Voice’ – asking “Your Questions!” S: “It will be great, Ladies! I ask him, what we really want to know! Nothing should stay untouched – if you know what I mean, James? J: “Let us, just for one brave moment, pretend you mean all the secrets we will reveal to the women out there!” S: “Okay, if you want, we can even do that.” J: “You probably can imagine how the wind blows, Ladies. We did not cut out any part. So excuse Stefanie’s language in some chapters!” S:” What? – What language is there to be excused, James?” J: “I knew you would jump on this one! Just love to tease Stephanie. Your language is just fine!” S: Fine? What do you mean with “just fine”? J: “Okay Ladies, I think now you start to imagine, what I meant above! This book is different and by no means – one of these boring relationship-guides. We made it entertaining helpful and fun too read !”
You will know: ‘How Men Think’. ‘What really attracts Men’ and ‘What you can do to make him really want You and – Never(!) Let You Go again!’ Learn the Secrets, most Women – will never know!
‘The Entertaining Approach of the witty discussions between James and his Assistant Stefanie are priceless. Sometimes just asking, what every woman would ask. Then grinding his gears like a ‘charming bitch’. Teasing him up to the edge! This makes reading this guide so exceptional to all the other guides for women I read before!’_Dana Guillet from Fashion OD Magazine
If you really want to live your Relationship to the fullest with your Mr. Right – You need to: – Find Your Man – Understand Your Man – Attract Him and then – Know how to keep him! This book will empower you for exact that! Learn the Psychological Triggers leading all Men´s actions.
Secrets Hiding in Front of Your Nose Where to Find Your Man – How to know it`s Him! – Secret Triggers you can use on Dating Sites – How to Attract the man you want – Friend Referrals – how to lead them your way – Men at Work – The Special Insights in ‘Working Men’s’ – Thinking …. and 5 more Secret All Day Tactics to make him want You!
The Laws of Attraction: Casting Your Love Spell & Avoiding Relationship Suicide! – What you can do to make Men Desire You – Improving Your Dating Life Substantially – Body and Image – 2 Key Tactics in stealing his Heart – Turn up the Hotness Factor! Make Him ‘Go Nuts’ for You! …. and 5 Secrets to a more Superb You! Unveil Your Natural Attractiveness!
Creating Your Desired Relationship by doing what You really Love!
… learn these 5 easy Techniques for secretly making him want you and never let you go again!
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