Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Following is a prayer to build you up and keep you encouraged because ALL of us are currently under construction……It works for me.

Lord, I present my body as a living sacrifice to you right now. Forgive me for the mountains of pride and haughty self-exaltation that block out the rays of Your Glory and hinder the winds and the life-giving rain of Your Spirit.

It is your favor and good hand upon my life, O Lord, not my driving, striving efforts and perfectionism that have enabled me to overcome difficulties and enjoy accomplishments and success. Bring low every mountain, and every hill of high-mindedness, rebellion, and stubbornness in my life. Demolish ever high and lofty thing in my life that sets itself up against the knowledge of YOU. You must INCREASE. I must DECREASE.

Dear God, come and fill the valleys in my life with YOUR LOVE. Worry, fear, and feelings of inferiority, like streams trickling through my mind, have cut deep channels and ravines and valleys into which all my other thoughts are drained. Forgive me for my fear and failure, my despair and depression, and my lack of trust in Your unwavering faithfulness.

Forgive me for attempting to fill the lonely, empty places in my life with anything but Your Presence and Your Devine purposes for me. Teach me to cast ALL my cares upon You because You care for me. Come now Lord and fill the valleys in my life. Whatever it takes, please make straight the crooked places in my life Father.

Forgive my twisting of the truth, my distortions of reality, my moral crookedness, my warped priorities and values. In times of temptation, help me always to choose a good name and the straight and right way, rather than riches or favor gained by devious and crooked means.

Make the rough places smooth Dear Lord. Balance the unbalanced emotions and the uneven places in my nature. Smooth and fill the personality “pot holes” that cause unexpected jolts to those around me, disrupting harmony and progress. Remove those things in my life that are causing me to be a stumbling -block to others. Help me to stop blaming and criticizing everyone else, and to work on my own rough places instead. May Christ be fully formed IN ME. May I be wholly conformed to Your Image. May your Word become flesh IN ME. May Your Glory be revealed IN ME.

Father, from this moment on, may the all-consuming reason for my existence be that all those around me might see the Beauty of Jesus IN ME and the Glory of HIS SALVATION.


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