Does Your Partner Inspire You?

Does Your Partner Inspire You?

Ask yourself: does you partner Inspire You? This might not be a very trivial question, because when trapped by the daily routine, we often fail to notice what lies behind our actions, desires and ambitions. And when it’s inspiration that drives us, we can achieve twice as much. So first, we have to find out what exactly makes up an inspirational relationship.

Inspiration From Your Partner

Some partners have a lot in common. They share the same interests, have the same tastes in food and drinks, like the same music, prefer the same style and even have the same profession. Does this apply to you? It can indeed be pretty good when you are so similar, and you know precisely how your partner will act and react to most situations. But there are downsides too. When there’s too much similarity, any mystery is almost completely left out. And that’s the main ingredient of inspiration. How can you be inspired by something that is trivial and routine? This simple principle works on so many levels. Imagine that you have to draw the portrait of the same person over and over again. When there’s no variety, it’s not likely to lead to new and creative insights for your life. So your lives lack imagination.

So how exactly does your partner inspire you? One of the best things that we seek in relationships is support. Support is a heavy source of confidence and resilience that we need to overcome problems and daily challenges. But there is something else too. When you have a loved one, he or she gives you an incentive to work harder on your goals because you know there’s someone dear to you who will appreciate your efforts. They can therefore, just by their support and encouragement, allow you to remain confident in yourself even when life knocks you down.

But the most invigorating thing that an inspiring relationship can give you is the desire to try new things. When was the last time you tried a new kind of food, signed up for a new class, visited an unknown location or attempted a new business venture? You can expand your scope of the world, grow your skills, mentally and spirituality, knowing there will always be someone by your side who will be constantly pushing you forward into the depths of the unknown making life exciting and innovative. But remember: if you’re happy to have your muse, it’s important that you pay back with enough love and care.

Does Your Partner Inspire You?


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