Relationship Help- Grow Up Don’t Give Up

Relationship Help- Grow Up Don’t Give Up

Every day we encounter many different kinds of people. Some are very delightful. Some are very difficult. Some of them are even inspiring. Some are irritating as hell, fascinating, even intimidating. The fact is, a lot of the problems we have in life are because of personality conflicts. We just don’t get along with some people. When our relationships are bad…….LIFE STINKS and LIFE IS MISERABLE. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we Grow Up by not giving up! Particularly when it comes to our relationships.

Grow Up

Have you ever felt like giving up and walking out on a relationship simply because you could not relate to or get along with a person? It is extremely important that we learn how to get along with other people simply because life is more enjoyable that way. Grow up don’t give up.

But where do we learn how to grow up and get along with and relate “wisely” to other people?

In the Bible, which happens to be the book I look to for guidance, James says…..”And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of goodness.” In other words, James is saying, every day, in every way, in every relationship, we are planting seeds, seeds of anger, seeds of jealousy, seeds of insecurity, seeds of confidence, seeds of peace. Seeds you will inevitably grow up in your own relationships.

Then how can we plant the type of seeds that result in only peaceful and productive relationships?

One word……….WISDOM.

We need to learn how to become wise and grow up in the way we act towards other people. Most often than not we treat people in very foolish ways and we provoke the exact opposite behavior of what we would like to see from them. Common sense becomes not so common. Listen, a lot of “smart” people are not very wise who ought to grow up.

They may be educated but they don’t have any wisdom. They may have all kinds of degrees but they’re complete and total failures, immature and need to grow up when it comes to their relationships.

WISDOM is a lifestyle and has nothing to do with intelligence. But, it has everything to do with our relationships and the development of our character. Wisdom is applying the knowledge we have learned in life to our trials and circumstances causing us to grow up and mature. We display wisdom OR NOT in the way we live. It is not a matter of what we say with our lips but what we say with our lifestyle. Wisdom is not a matter of our words but our works. Therefore, wisdom is more than just knowing facts. We can know facts but never grow up and apply them. Wisdom is applying the knowledge we’ve accumulated TO our lives in order to make a positive impact on how we live our lives IN relationships with others.

When we choose to conduct our lives with Godly Wisdom, generally our relationships are positive and productive, peaceful and lifelong, honorable towards one another and Honoring to God.

Relationship Help Grow Up Don’t Give Up

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