The New You: Weight Loss and Emotional Healing

Weight Loss and Emotional Healing Weight loss and emotional healing are difficult subjects to discuss with anyone, especially with a significant other. Maybe you’ve recently lost some weight, or you’re hoping to lose some weight soon. Regardless, weight can be … Read More

Emotional Health Is The Key

Emotional Health Something I discovered in my journey towards “Transformation” ……..Emotional health and its effect on physical and mental health. Your emotional health should never be neglected as it affects, either directly or indirectly, both your mental and physical health. … Read More

Are You Carrying Emotional Baggage?

Carrying Emotional Baggage We often bring along unconscious, unresolved, old emotions from previous relationships into new ones. This is called Carrying Emotional Baggage and like tortoises carrying their shells, we carry it every place we go. We all have a … Read More