Blind Dating

Blind Dating

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Blind Dating can be a lot of fun; meeting new people every week or as often as you choose. In order to have a good blind dating experience there are a few things you should know.

Blind Dating

First and foremost, be safe blind dating by setting a solid beginning. Also when blind dating do your due diligence by researching potential suitors, utilize Google and look the person up. Whether we realize it or not we all have a web presence, whether the person has a profile on their employers’ website, a Facebook account, or if they are LinkedIn you will most likely find them. Be curious and put their web presence to the test. Unfortunately, not everyone is one hundred percent honest when presenting information about themselves so it is important check it out.

Second, always meet at a well trafficked location such as a nice big restaurant, well lit, preferably with security in case things do not go to well you will have backup reinforcement to deal with anything.

Third, for the first few dates when blind dating, keep it simple stick to neutral ground. Keep in mind that you are learning whether you enjoy each other’s company and have common interests. There will be plenty of time to discuss more important things once you know it is worth your time.

And lastly, be protective of yourself because every blind date is not created equal so tread lightly do not give out any information that you would not give a person you walk by on the street, you do not know a blind date yet, so just be cautious. Blind dating can be very exciting, fun, and create lasting memories as long as you know the basics you most likely will have a good experience.

Meeting a blind date can be tricky in the virtual world we live in, it seems to change the rules that we once knew to be true. It is arguable whether the adaptation of virtual functioning spaces have improved socializing by offering more opportunities to communicate or whether they have increased isolation. Some say that it is easier to interact with others through virtual social networks, but others say it is impersonal and most participants are dishonest. Either way, it is a good opportunity to meet people you would never come to know otherwise.

You will learn quickly which are good virtual social habits and which ones are bad. To help decipher, consider the suggestions I previously mentioned on blind dating.

Blind Dating

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