Depressive thoughts present the enemy’s worst-case scenarios of your current situation. By enemy I mean the invisible one who is constantly speaking negatively in your mind making you think it’s you thinking those negative thoughts. Whereas, God’s dealings (workings) in your current situation are the exact opposite of the picture the enemy (carnal mindset/defeatists thought patterns) is attempting to sow into your mind. You will experience a wonderful outcome to your situation if you can just hold on and not cave in to those negative and depressive thoughts.

“He/She that is able to endure (not give in) shall be (saved) delivered.”

An American Addiction

I believe, as a nation,  we have become so prideful and self-centered that the only way we’re going to desire REAL CHANGE is for us to” crash” and hit bottom. “Pride goeth before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.”

It’s the same principle for those of us who’ve been delivered from addiction and addictive behaviors and gone through the recovery process. The manifestations of our addictive behaviors were always problematic and insane. But our loved ones, the very people who constantly warned us of the potential results of our “madness”, we refused to hear.

WHY? Because, and please take note of this, WE WERE IN DENIAL!

We here in America, seem to be addicted to certain “destructive behaviors” and WE are in a “COLLECTIVE DENIAL” when it comes to these behaviors. Just look at it yourself, rampant, uncontrolled sex; resulting in STD’s, HIV, and pornography, power hungry; leading to greed, murder, envy and a loss of compassion, pridefulness; leading to racism, sexism, extreme self-centeredness and narcissism. Try telling, someone, anyone, who displays these types of behaviors and they will immediately and adamantly deny it to your face.

So how does one or how do we as a society deal with the person or people who exhibit these “irrational” and “destructive” behaviors? Well, nine times out of ten you can’t. Now, that is not to say stop trying. But, like any addiction, that person or those people will have to hit rock bottom and crash BEFORE they are willing to WAKE UP.

So what am I saying? In essence I’m saying that because these behaviors seem to have become the ACCEPTED NORM in our society, in order for real change to occur, at some point we’ll need to experience a “collective crash” and as a society “hit bottom”. And some of you will need to be there to pick up the pieces when it occurs.

An American Addiction

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